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Crayfish Bay organic dark chocolate bar made with 75% cacao is a true single estate ‘tree to bar’ chocolate bar, handmade and charcoal roasted at Crayfish Bay Grenada by Kim and Lylette Russell.

Crayfish Bay is a family owned organic farm which runs on a cooperative fairtrade basis. Controls of the lands have been given over to the local people and. in return for looking after the lands, they receive 90% of the highest current price available for all the wet cocoa and green nutmeg they pick. They may plant as many other crops as they choose on the understanding that they follow organic practices and that these crops do not interfere with the cocoa trees. These other crops belong entirely to them and gives them a steady income during periods when no cocoa is being harvested. Traditionally farm workers are laid off during these periods, not at Crayfish Bay.

Crayfish Bay has designed its own unique roaster which uses charcoal. We believe it to be the only commercial roaster of this type in the world. Charcoal is purchased locally which supports the village economy. All the wood used for making charcoal is the result of storm damage or land clearance. No trees are cut down specifically for the making of charcoal and this system of roasting gives our chocolate its own unique flavor.

Our chocolate is truly a single estate ‘tree to bar’ product which never leaves the farm until completion, which means that the beans are as fresh as possible. This increases the variety of flavors as it melts in your mouth.

Many chocolate makers want to make a product that is absolutely consistent in taste. This is not the case at Crayfish Bay. Throughout the season the beans vary in terms of moisture content and acidity levels. They are processed as separate pick batches which result in slight but noticeable flavor variations in each batch made. The texture remains ultra smooth and the flavors full.

We hope you have an opportunity to visit our Cocoa Estate in Grenada and to experience our chocolate.

Our Story

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